Windmill Windsong Vodka

A West Texas Original Artisan Vodka

Seven Times Custom Distilled. Independently owned, distilled, and bottled at our facility. 100% Neutral Spirits Distilled From Corn. Perfect for mixed drinks. ABV 40%

Windmill Windsong Vodka is inspired by the historic and modern windmills that reflect our respect for traditional values while embracing an exciting future. 

Windsong is what locals call the prairie winds that are part of the West Texas landscape that creates a soulful song as they meet the windmills.

A legendary town in West Texas since 1887, Tulia is nestled at an altitude of 3,400 feet in the Texas high plains and taps into the renowned “Texas shallow water belt” of naturally pure aquifers. Our unique seven-time distillation in a custom still captures the distinctive West Texas environs and purity in style.

Seven Times Distilled for Purity and a Distinctive West Texas-style  

We are a third-generation woman-owned business with generational roots in the community. Our commitment to West Texas traditions, values, and charm can be found in every small batch crafted in our custom-made still.

Taste the crisp, clean, natural beauty and incredible sunsets of the West Texas prairie.

A gift we proudly present to you

I Want To Show The World What
West Texas Can Do!

Our Story

It has been a dream of mine to distill and produce a truly authentic product that captures the beauty and the elements of the unique West Texas environment – and to show the world what West Texas can do!

In 2020 when I decided to launch Windmill Windsong Vodka, I knew it had to be something special and a genuine product of West Texas. We began with a custom-made still because we wanted to create a one-of-a-kind premium product that truly represents Texas. I have seen too many brands use fancy packaging and try to pass their vodka off as premium.

When we started making our Vodka, to ensure a genuine premium product, we worked with industry experts to secure the best (and somewhat unique) still suited to our purposes to produce a product we could be proud of.

That’s our goal with Windmill Windsong; Start with a great product and then keep working to make it even better.

Crystal Melton
Founder, Windmill Windsong Vodka

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Our commitment to the traditions, values, and charm of West Texas can be found in every product we make.

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